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A timber sale is the culmination of many years of forest management.

For many woodland owners, it is the most significant opportunity for return
on their forestry investments.

A successful timber sale demands lots of preparation. We invest the time, well in advance, to research markets, seek buyers, promote our products, and develop viable contracts. Once harvesting has begun, we track logging and sale activities. When harvest is complete, we ensure all contract specifications have been met.
Maximizing potential revenue from a timber sale, and ensuring the process meets other landowner objectives, requires a systematic strategy. We are approaching the sale as a sequence of activities to ensure all necessary steps are covered effectively and with sufficient lead time.

The most acceptable transaction type by both parties in international trade is by Documentary Letter of Credit on FOB delivery terms.

Of course there are variants to this, mostly required by buyers overseas and some time even by sellers. Each trying to maximise the results in his favor.

Our Expertise & Expert Approach
Abruceno Forest offers more than just logging

Timber Harvesting

Involves planning harvest and reforestation; cutting trees and moving them to a landing.

Forest Management

Helps us identify the resources and opportunities available in terms of financial gain and long-term sustainability.

Log & Timber Sales

We supply more than 1.5 million cubic metres of log products annually to the domestic timber manufacturing sector.

Timber Cruising & Appraisal

The process of measuring the volume and quality of standing and down timber before it has been harvested.


There are several means for increasing sawmill and logging profitability. Each requires time and effort to implement; some require large capital investments while others required very little cash. The main issue is to work together with all the players in the chain of custody (COC) including but not limited to logging, transport, exporting. 

When we offer our products or services, we count on all of these partners being sure we offer you the best price and service.

Yes we export specific essences in logs, and all in lumber.

The best way to get a quotation price for your order is to get in touch with us and let us know all your specifics of your order including your target price which is very important for both of us. If your price is in our limits we will get back to you with our best offer.

The best way to get an accurate price for your project is to get in touch with us by sending details about your request. Once you fill it, we will give you a consultation free of cost with no obligations.

As price depends also on the payment terms we always suggest payment by Letter of Credit. If we agree on better payment terms of course this will be reflected on the final price.