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Timber cruising is a profession primarily driven by the need to obtain consistent and accurate volume estimations, species composition, stand quality, and value of the timber resource.

Field sampling and assessment are the critical tasks conducted by professional cruisers.

For new and existing timberland owners, a timber cruise is a rather inexpensive first step in determining the current volume of merchantable timber on your property and its market value. A timber cruise is normally completed by a consulting forester prior to the timber being sold; however, it is also done in conjunction with a forest management plan as baseline data for short- and long-term forest planning.

Fees for the timber cruise vary by consulting forester. The fee is either charged on a per area basis or a flat fee amount. It covers the forester’s travel, cruising (i.e., labor) and office costs for completing the timber cruise report.

Dictionary of Forestry defines a timber cruise as “a forest survey to locate and estimate the quantity of timber on a given area according to species, size, quality, possible products or other characteristics”. A consulting forester can utilize one of a number of sampling techniques to locate and estimate the timber volume on your timberland.

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Abruceno Forest offers more than just logging

Timber Harvesting

Involves planning harvest and reforestation; cutting trees and moving them to a landing.

Forest Management

Helps us identify the resources and opportunities available in terms of financial gain and long-term sustainability.

Log & Timber Sales

We supply more than 1.5 million cubic metres of log products annually to the domestic timber manufacturing sector.

Timber Cruising & Appraisal

The process of measuring the volume and quality of standing and down timber before it has been harvested.


There are several means for increasing sawmill and logging profitability. Each requires time and effort to implement; some require large capital investments while others required very little cash. The main issue is to work together with all the players in the chain of custody (COC) including but not limited to logging, transport, exporting. 

When we offer our products or services, we count on all of these partners being sure we offer you the best price and service.

Yes we export specific essences in logs, and all in lumber.

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